We create the new identity for schools and institutes throughout Italy in a simple, responsive and accessible way

For a truly digital school, the website is not just a simple showcase, but a real operational platform, to communicate ongoing activities, participate in the life of the community and dialogue with the outside world.

Noitech creates websites for schools with simple and clean design, clear communication of information and well-structured navigation to make access to information easy.

creation of websites for schools and institutes
Creation of websites for schools and institutes - 3

Mobile friendly graphics for smartphones and tablets

The school through the responsive website optimized at 100% for Smartphones And Tablet facilitates contact with families and students.

A website that is not optimized for different mobile platforms loses numerous possibilities of visibility.

Especially if you think about the sudden spread of smartphones and tablets it is immediately clear how important it is to own a responsive website, that is, capable of adapting to any device and resolution.

All the power and flexibility of WordPress at your service

Our proposal concerns the creation of websites dynamic and accessible for schools and institutes, which allow the updating of any page in real time and independently, with WordPress, a very powerful and flexible CMS (content management system).

Main features of our websites:

  • easy availability and usability of contents;
  • simplification of interaction between administration and users;
  • transparency of administrative action;
  • publication of all types of information and documents;
  • possibility of adding all the sections required by current legislation: notice board, school notice board, forms, access to online services, etc.;
  • possibility of managing reserved access sections, public access, forums and social networks, etc.
  • constantly updated.
wordpress dashboard

Integrated form for sending availability (MAD) usable in a few simple clicks

our solution also includes the form for sending availability (MAD) for teachers, support staff and ATA staff. 

The MAD module is completely customizable and adaptable to any institution.


In line with the AgID guidelines

Our websites use a layout that was developed on the new template defined by the AGID guidelines.

Why choose us to create your brand new website?

The prototyping and creation of the website extends the principles of the design guidelines for the Public Administration web to schools, providing an extremely tested and shared reference model for the offer of all digital services aimed at teachers, students, families and administrative staff.

WCAG 2.1 accessibility.


Responsive Design

User Friendly

Multilingual site

Assistance and Training


Transparent administration and Praetorian notice board

Integrated MAD module

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