Cyber Security. For complete defense against threats

Security is one of the main aspects of an IT infrastructure which bases its foundations on the guarantee of the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the data.

CyberSecurity is a "working philosophy" that claims to guarantee the above by coordinating a series of specific activities typical of the following macro areas:

  1. Planning and Scoping;
  2. Information Gathering and Vulnerability ID;
  3. Attack and Exploitation;
  4. Communication and Reporting;
cyber security services for companies - 2
cyber security services for companies

Cyber security: protecting businesses and people

Doing Cybersecurity is therefore not about buying a single industry device and configuring it, doing CyberSecurity means studying, planning, putting into practice, continuously updating yourself and practicing to always stay on top of things and deal with the continuous threats that arise daily in the IT world.

We start from the document risk analysis to identify company assets, the risks that affect them and the economic impact that would be had if a certain risk occurs, to study and develop a strategy suitable and fitting for the company reality examined, this is the approach necessary to address the problems of CyberSecurity and the “Cyber Security Team” is the “instrument” unique and absolutely essential to be implemented to deal with all the problems and needs that the aforementioned approach entails.