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Creation of websites for hotels

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Have you finally decided to launch into the creation of a website for your hotel? Or do you already have one but need a major restyling? Have you understood that it is not enough to have simple pages on the major social networks?

Then you are in the right place, today is It is essential to have a strong online presence, creating a website for your hotel is important because it will be the business card of your business, as well as being the best method for finding new customers and making everyone aware of the services and structure.

However, presence alone is not enough, a hotel website must be structured in a professional manner using the right techniques, so as to be well positioned in search engines. The site must be beautiful to look at, functional and easy to use, all decisive components for obtaining an adequate result, for this reason it is essential to contact professionals in the sector who will be able to create a specific and qualified website.

Below we will see why it is important to create websites for hotels, what the main advantages are and how to create it.

Why create a hotel website

Technological evolution knows no limits, we are living in an era of continuous updating where digitalisation has taken on a primary role, undergoing a decisive boost also due to the pandemic we are experiencing.

Digitizing means keeping up with the times, today customers are increasingly demanding and smart, they are used to using various services simply by using their smartphone or tablet and from here arises the opportunity to evolve by making their business more advanced starting from a user friendly website.

Probably only ten years ago no one could have imagined living in an era like this, once upon a time to book a hotel you called, did research using flyers and so on, while today the situation has been completely reversed because users want to find the right hotel by carrying out a few simple steps, all via the web.

They choose the hotel, enter the site and book and it is therefore essential to take care of creating a professional website that is easy to find thanks to optimization.

What are the advantages of having a hotel website?

Creating a website for your hotel or doing a major restyling if it already exists will bring you incredible benefits. Today it is unthinkable to rely only on a good reputation or customer recommendations, competition is very high and a well-made website will lead to a substantial increase in turnover.

Obviously It is important that your site is always updated and above all optimized following SEO rules, an essential element to be successful and to be positioned in the best way on search engines.

Another great advantage that comes from creating a website for your hotel is represented by the fact that potential customers will have a very clear idea of what your structure offers, therefore the type of rooms available, the ancillary services as it could be the swimming pool rather than a recreation room, bar service, restaurant and much more. The customer will therefore have to browse your site to be able to find all the necessary information before proceeding with the booking.

The site must contain all the details related to your brand, you must therefore be excellent communicators and therefore, it is also advisable to include a platform dedicated to bookings within the website; this must be extremely functional and easy to use, so that the customer can book in a few seconds. Lastly, creating your hotel's website means being able to break away from traditional booking platforms which generate a good number of contacts but have commissions to pay for each booking received.

Having your own website, therefore, means managing reservations completely independently without having to incur annoying extra expenses.

How to create your hotel website

Having clarified all the fundamental principles for your hotel's website, let's now see how to create it. This is obviously a very important part that could determine whether or not your site is successful. The first thing to do is obviously to understand what your objectives are and define your budget, these are the preliminary elements to consider before continuing with the implementation.

When you decide to create the site you have two options to choose from, one involves doing everything yourself using dedicated platforms, while the other possibility is to rely on a web agency.

Build your site yourself

Online you can find various platforms that allow you to create a website for your hotel independently, even if you don't have advanced knowledge.

All you need to do is sign up, enter all the data and choose a theme to apply to the site, after which you will have to continue customizing each page, the various contents and much more, everything is however made easier by the platform which will give you suggestions on how to proceed.

In any case, it is preferable to purchase a domain and hosting space, to avoid having a poorly performing and less than professional looking website. These platforms usually offer monthly or annual subscription plans, each of which has certain characteristics. In most cases it is also possible to create a totally free site but with obvious limitations in terms of positioning.

However, there are some rather obvious disadvantages in creating a do-it-yourself site, the first is that in fact you will not be the owner of your site but this will in all respects be the platform and you will therefore have a long series of limitations that you would not have with a site created by a web agency.

Obviously there will also be important disadvantages in terms of performance, a do-it-yourself site is hosted on a limited web space which you will not decide, therefore it will also be more difficult to be found on search engines. It is undeniable that a do-it-yourself site is not very original, in fact there is only a limited number of layouts from which you can choose, so your site will certainly be something already seen. Finally, it will not be possible to use plugins and html, in fact you will not be able to modify your site in depth and this will not allow you to feel it is yours.

Trust a web agency

The best solution, although obviously less economical, is to rely directly on a web agency, there are many on the market so you'll want to do a search to find the best ones.

By choosing this option you will have a team of professionals who will work entirely on the creation of the website for your hotel. Based on your needs and requests, the team will be able to advise you on the best solutions and create a highly professional website. Furthermore, you will be followed even after the creation of the site, so that for every need you can count on support from professionals.

Furthermore, the web agency will also take care of the domain and hosting of your site, so as to have a better positioning on search engines and, above all, a more serious and reliable appearance in the eyes of customers. Naturally web agencies specialize in SEO techniques, so your site will always be optimized to be easily found via web search.

Clearly your site will be compatible with viewing via mobile devices. Relying on a web agency is the ideal solution for creating a website for your hotel as it guarantees professionalism, experience, continuous support and the implementation of all the features to make your site easy to find and use.

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