7 seconds – Graphics, Corporate Branding and Branded Content

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7 seconds – Graphics, Corporate Branding and Branded Content

“There is no second chance to make a good first impression.” For this reason, company graphics and branding must be designed to immediately capture attention
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Create a positive visual perception of the brand and differentiate it from competitors.

Every company today knows that focusing on an immediately recognizable image is essential. It is the logic of marketing in the digital age that dictates it.

Within these dynamics, we could say, the image matters and the dress does the monk.

So let's talk about Graphics And Corporate branding, because the company's visual identity and reputation are two fundamental elements for the success of the business. And we will combine these concepts with the definition of some more powerful means available to companies, resulting precisely from the fusion of the necessary skills in the two areas mentioned: the Branded Content

A coherent and recognizable image, in fact, is essential if you aim to distinguish the company from the competition and to create an emotional bond with the customer, increasing the company's loyalty and reputation.

Furthermore, in an increasingly digitalized world, the careful design of corporate graphics and branding is the starting point for the creation of websites and effective social presences, which are often the first point of contact of the user with the company.

Corporate graphics

The reference is to the creation of all the visual elements that represent the company's identity, such as the logo, colors, fonts, images and patterns.

All visual elements that have to be coherent and recognisable in every aspect of the company's activity, from letterhead to advertising, from packaging to websites, from brochures to social platforms.

To create effective corporate graphics, it is important to follow a process design which involves the definition of the company's visual identity, the analysis of the market and competition, the development of creative concepts, the choice of colours, fonts and images, and finally the creation of the logo and graphic materials.

Furthermore, corporate graphics must be constantly updated and adapted to the needs of the company and the market, in order to keep the visual identity in step with the times and trends. This includes operations of website restyling, company templates, packaging etc…

Corporate Branding

With this term we mean the set of operational and strategic activities that concern the management and consolidation of a brand in the market.

This is a process that involves various areas, such as the definition of the mission, the company's values and its positioning on the market. Elements to which it is consequently necessary to combine the creation of a recognizable and differentiating visual and verbal identity.

And to all this we also add attention toexperience customer, taking care of all the user's points of contact with the company: from the website to customer service, through advertising communication and packaging.

In concrete terms, the corporate branding requires the production of branded content, i.e. contents in which all the skills necessary to create the company's image and its branding converge. 

Branded Content

What are? Branded content is content quality, created by a company with the aim of promoting its brand in a discreet and non-invasive way.

The term indicates a form of marketing communication that it is not limited to traditional advertising, but focuses on creating interesting, informative and useful content for the target audience.

In this case, some branded content can also be very useful tools lead generation, acting as lead magnets.

The goal is to engage consumers in a positive experience, through the creation of content that is relevant and interesting to their lifestyle or needs.

The keystone of all the work of designing the usually most effective branded content is, however, the emotional involvement. The careful design of branded content can in fact make all the difference in terms of brand engagement.

Here are 5 of the most famous examples in this sense:

Coca-Cola and Christmas – Coca-Cola has created a series of advertisements celebrating Christmas, presenting its drink as the perfect complement for the season;

Red Bull and extreme sports – Red Bull has created a series of content promoting extreme sports, often featuring athletes who use the drink as a source of energy for their exploits.

Nike and athletes – Nike has created a series of videos that tell the stories of athletes who use their products, telling their experience and how the Nike brand has helped them achieve success.

Airbnb and experiences – Airbnb has created a section of its website dedicated to local experiences, which often features photos and videos, with the aim of making potential customers experience the same experiences firsthand.

Where and self-esteem – Dove has created a series of videos and advertisements promoting women's self-esteem, promoting its body care products as part of this message.

“There is no second chance to make a good first impression”

Do you know the 7 second rule?

It has never been theorized, but experts on the subject agree that a product and therefore all advertising and branding work, to be effective, must be able to hit the target within the first 7 seconds.

It is an indicative time, certainly, but one which was calculated on the basis of market studies and research conducted ad hoc, which demonstrated how users have a low attention span and concentration when it comes to advertising. 

A phenomenon that becomes more acute especially when the aim is to mediate messages and sell products via digital channels, especially digital ones social, where the contents are increasingly more limited and aim for immediacy.

It's the fault of the "scrolling" logic and the desire to feed users quick-use content, to be thrown away within a few seconds if it isn't deemed interesting, precisely, within the very first seconds of viewing.

For this reason, corporate graphics and branding must be designed in a knowledgeable way immediately capture the attention of potential customers, and communicate the main message clearly and directly.

It goes without saying that the design of graphics, branding and branded content of every company should be entrusted to professionals who deal with these multidisciplinary activities. From graphic designer to brand manager, from copywriter to advertisers, depending on the specific needs of each individual company.

A team that at Noitech we can make available to anyone who wants to invest productively in this context.

Don't hesitate to contact us, because those 7 seconds don't come back twice.

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