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Gino Marchet Observatory Congress

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The largest conference center in Europe, the Allianz MiCo – Milano Convention Centre, opens its doors once again to Noitech.

After the twenty-second edition of the Retail Forum 2022, again in Milan, on Wednesday 16 November it will be our time to participate in the conference "Investments and collaboration: Logistics leads the capacity challenge".

If the Retail Forum has confirmed its vocation to be the first meeting and networking hub in Italy for the retail community, Wednesday's conference will instead give ample space to issues related to the new challenges of logistics and the digitalisation of processes.

Organized by the “Gino Marchet” Contract Logistics Observatory, the Conference will give us the opportunity to make, once again, our contribution in terms of enabling technologies for Logistics 4.0, and as regards solutions for the digital transformation of the Supply Chain .

What to expect?

The appointment on Wednesday 16 November will be an opportunity to delve deeper and understand the reasons why the Logistics sector, until now included among the Commodities, has now been universally reclassified as a strategic sector.

Furthermore, among the topics addressed during the Conference, there will be those linked to emerging 4.0 solutions for the sector and, nevertheless, the way in which companies are investing in the digitalisation of the Supply Chain to face the challenges of the market.

Our know-how, regarding the integration of systems and the development of innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence, can only fall into this segment of the debate.

Precisely through the testimonies of leading companies in the sector, such as ours Noitech, the Conference will in fact have the objective of presenting the main market trends and possible working directions for the future of Logistics.

In particular, the following will be presented: market trends, both in quantitative and qualitative terms; innovation trends in the customer-supplier relationship, with a specific focus on the national and international transport sector; Logistics 4.0 solutions; trends in the Logistics Real Estate sector; the opportunities linked to the implementation of the PNRR and the topic of procurement management.

The Conference, which will open at around 8.40 am, will then include a break during which it will be possible to visit the stands of research supporters and stay on site for networking moments.

Finally, the afternoon session includes the presentation of further research work. Once again we delve into our specific skills, as we will delve deeper into the topic of Process Transformation. From the concept of digitalization to technologies, through the areas of work and up to the implementation paths.

It will therefore be an opportunity to show our way of understanding the digital transition and our revolutionary solutions. Among these certainly that of artificial intelligence applied to the mobot/Cobot vision system todrobot TR1, the result of symbiotic work with our spin-off TOD System.

How to follow the works?

Registering and attending the conference organized by the “Gino Marchet” Observatory is simple and FREE.

To do so, simply register on the website, and then register in the dedicated page at the meeting on November 16th.

You will thus be able to reach us in person at the MiCo – Milan Convention Center or, if this is not possible, you can also choose to follow the proceedings via live streaming.

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