How to increase e-commerce sales with Google

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How to increase e-commerce sales with Google

Your online store has many ways to become successful. One of these is to take advantage of the tools that Google makes available
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E-commerce and Google. A combination not to be underestimated and, indeed, to be taken into strict consideration for those who decide to sell their products online. Be it a physical store or completely online.

The advantages of using the supplementary tools that Google provides are indispensable; they allow you to give greater visibility, not only to your e-commerce, but also to individual products or services.

When a customer surfs the internet through the browser, to go looking for a product, it is in fact necessary to intercept it and "get there first".

Competitiveness on one's reference market is at stake and, ultimately, the increase in one's sales.
Below we will show some of the tools provided by the Californian company and the points to take into consideration to increase the sales of your e-commerce with Google.

The Merchant Center 

It is, when combined with the features of the card MyBusiness, of the latest promotional service developed by Google and which, in Italy, has been active since 2 October 2020.

The main advantage is the possibility of inserting the products present in the Merchant Center, within the Google My Business tab, which can therefore appear in the Google SERPs for free.

The Merchant Center also allows you to manage the display of your inventory on Google. This applies both to products available online and, for e-commerce connected to physical activity, in stores.

Through this service, completely free, it is also possible integrate the catalogue of products dynamically with the Google map.

This means that, when a user searches for your physical store, they will be able to find out, in detail, the products available directly through the map. If you are looking for a specific product, you will be able to find out about the shops that sell it nearby.

This entire process has an organic visibility that can be directly connected to Google ADS, through which it is possible to structure campaigns drive to store, that is, they lead the potential customer directly into your physical store, actually monitoring the physical people who enter the store through GPS.

Thanks to this integration, all products uploaded to a Merchant Center account will be re-proposed by Google as results in the SERPs organic, therefore images and shopping, determining their appearance not only on maps but also on Google's vertical search engines, including Google Lens

Watch out for SEO

For every online activity, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) carries out a task of fundamental importance, which becomes crucial when it comes to e-commerce.

The integration of Merchant Center and Business Profile, which we just talked about, entails even greater attention to SEO.

Improve your online visibility it is first of all an objective to be pursued to obtain a competitive advantage over one's competitors who, for their part, will operate with the same aim. This means that nothing should be left to chance.

Careful attention to SEO will allow the product sheets of your e-commerce to be found more easily in the SERP and it is therefore necessary to pay attention to some aspects.

Among these certainly the descriptions contained in the product sheets, which cannot be superficial or obvious.

For this reason, for your e-commerce, it is it is essential to rely on a good Copywriter or Digital Agency (one of the Noitech divisions in which copywriters also work, together and in addition to professionals with degrees in Communication), who know how to take care of your SEO in every detail.

Although the results of a good SEO strategy can be seen after a few months, this activity must be considered as an investment with a considerable and safe return, but only if real and qualified professionals intervene. In these cases improvisation doesn't pay. Having an entire digital communication and marketing department at your disposal, as in Noitech, makes the service effective and certainly successful!

Google Ads campaigns

Let's talk about campaigns Pay-per-Click which allow them to be displayed in the search engine, above or next to the normal SERP results, in the form of an image accompanied by useful information, such as the price of the product and a concise and attractive description.

There Landing Page, to which the ads refer, are none other than the product sheets, previously loaded into the Google Merchant Center system.

In this case, it is about attracting potential buyers, leading them into your e-commerce site, after having researched a product that they are already willing to purchase or in which they have an interest.

The possibility of target Ads, calibrating them to the characteristics of your e-commerce or your products.

targeting can in fact take place, for example, based on geographical position or other characteristics identified as recurring in one's customers, such as age.
The Google Ads campaigns they are therefore a fantastic ally for creating highly profiled traffic to your site, increasing your online sales.

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