How to optimize a website – improve speed, usability, content and SEO

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How to optimize a website – improve speed, usability, content and SEO

Web users want satisfying, engaging but above all smooth and hitch-free browsing experiences. If you want them to browse your site, then, find out how to optimize it
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The website is the showcase of your business and, sometimes, it is also your entire business.

We are sure that you would like your physical store to overlook the main commercial street of your city and that it is always perfectly maintained and functional, allowing you to attract as many customers as possible inside.

For a physical activity, it is often not possible to put together all these pluses but, for a website, there is a way to obtain them: theoptimization.

It is a process that, starting from the determination of what currently works or needs to be revised, aims to improve user experience, accessibility, search performance, traffic and conversion rates.

To obtain these results it will therefore be necessary to pay particular attention to some factors and make improvements in terms of speed, usability, contents And SEO.

Four areas of action on which to act without improvisation, relying on teams of professionals like that of Noitech.

Speed up the website

If it is true that first impressions count, on the internet the first impact between user and site concerns its loading speed, even before its graphic design.

Two seconds. This is the maximum time in which, according to some surveys, most users expect the pages of a site to load.

Speed, however, is also one of the main Google ranking factors.

Being lacking in this point of view penalizes the positioning of your site in the SERPs.

Some of the moves to speed up a website include:

  • Removing unnecessary code;
  • Enabling browser caching;
  • Image optimization;
  • The use of CDN (Content Delivery Network).

In terms of usability, don't forget the importance of compatibility for mobile devices, generators of the majority of global website traffic.

Optimize UI and UX

Usability, accessibility and performance of a website can be optimized through website design practices.user interface (UI) and theuser experience (UX).

To identify the scope of interventions of this type, it is first necessary to set objectives, so as to be able to align the design of the website with the path you want the customer/visitor to follow.

Improving UI and UX on your website can go through three action points:

  • The optimization of menu, to help users find what they are looking for and to effectively direct them to your key pages;
  • The insertion of Call To Action buttons, which, if well positioned and visible, allow the user quick access to crucial functions such as searching for information or purchasing a product;
  • The optimization of sales funnel, that is, the process that will allow you to strategically attract and channel users at the moment of conversion into customers.

Improve SEO

If speed is a crucial factor for Google ranking, SEO must be considered as the real key to positioning in search engine results pages.

It is also established that the vast majority of clicked links, among those provided as results by a search engine, are part of the first five in the SERP.

There are two aspects to take care of: On-page SEO and technical SEO

In the first case it is necessary:

  • Provide regularly updated information, including by creating blog posts;
  • Do keyword research and include them in titles, headings, alternative text and content;
  • Use heading tags, following the hierarchy of headings on your pages;
  • Write meta titles and meta descriptions for all pages and posts on your site.

Attention to SEO technical problems instead it goes through:

  • Improving the structure of the site;
  • Optimization of crawling and indexing;
  • Check for broken links and/or duplicate content.

Attention to Content Marketing

Attract traffic. After all, this is the primary objective for those who optimize their website.

In this sense, great attention must also be paid to the optimization of content marketing.

This is the most useful way to go if you want to increase the loyalty rate of users, and to increase the awareness of your brand.

Among the most useful strategies:

  • Invite to your site via i posts on social media;
  • Create landing page personalized with captivating Call To Action;
  • Inform visitors via i Blogs;
  • Reach customers already registered through a careful service Newsletter.

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