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Rimini – Milan – Dubai. An itinerary that in recent months has allowed us to take to global stages to show the fruit of our research and our now consolidated experience.
Three stages and three events of great international prestige where we brought ours revolutionary solutions (including the todrobot TR1) and presented to the world the know-how and the soul purely devoted to innovation of Noitech and the spin-off TOD System.

We started from Rimini, where from 27 to 30 September we stayed in the pavilions of Tecna 2022, and then stopped in Milan for SMAU 2022, on 11 and 12 October, and closed our "tour" in the final stage that took us up to the United Arab Emirates for North Star Dubai's Gitex Global.

Opportunities that allowed us to return home, to our Calabria, with very heavy baggage. Inside, not only the success collected from our solutions, but also the major prestige acquired internationally and the workload for weaving the new one net between us and the companies that have come to know us, between customers, investors and partners.

New bridges that will connect two areas of Southern Italy to the rest of the nation, with Asia, and with the internal world. 

Tecna Rimini 2022 – the great success of todrobot TR1

Our tour therefore started with participation in the Tecna Rimini 2022.

From 27 to 30 September, TOD System was in fact present at the 27th International Exhibition of technologies and supplies for surfaces which, every two years, offers the best of aesthetic and process innovation for the sector, hosting all the major companies at the fair and attracting a large number of international buyers.

Digitalisation, raw materials, decoration, finishing, logistics and transport, and green solutions were the seven main focuses of Tecna, to redesign the future of the supply chain worldwide.

Four days in which we amazed visitors and participants by placing ourselves inside theStartup Area of Tecna's Future Lab, the space that the organization of the fair wanted to reserve for the valorisation of the latest innovations in the field of Industry 4.0 with a focus on digitalisation, logistics and green solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Our participation in the Romagna event was possible thanks to the selection conducted by ICE – the Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies – which has once again identified TOD System a Startup worthy of participating in events of this caliber.
The key event, for us, however, was certainly represented by the speech that saw us take the central stage of the fair for officially present the revolutionary todrobot TR1, equipped with a patented 3D viewer and On Board AI, to companies, investors and visitors present.

A solution that has revolutionized the world of collaborative robotics and of logistics 4.0, which could not fail to achieve great success, due to its ability to present itself as a unique solution to many problems.

SMAU Milan 2022 – the pride of the Calabria Region

Still todrobot TR1 protagonist a SMAU Milan, on 11 and 12 October, where our presence was directly desired by the Calabria Region which called us to represent the best of technological innovation from our land.

TOD System it was in fact among the only ones 10 startups selected by Smau, together with Fincalabra and at the behest of the Economic Development and Cultural Attractors Department of the Calabria region.
We were proud of it and the regional institution was proud of it, which on Monday 3 October wanted to know and present us and the other selected entities to the press, right in the regional citadel of Catanzaro, headquarters of the Region.

Welcoming us in the Green Room were institutional representatives of the Region and of Fincalabra but, first of all, the Councilor for Economic Development and Cultural Attractors, Rosario Vari.

«We want to team up and network and for this reason we have decided to accompany, supported by Fincalabra, our 10 companies, selected by Smau, to the international innovation fair, the most important in Italy – said Councilor Varì -. A fundamental event for companies that will not only be able to talk about their innovative ideas and projects, but above all meet potential customers, partners and financiers, so as to be able to approach and position themselves on national and international markets."

To the FieraMilanoCity, during the days of the fair, the hoped-for results could only be promptly achieved.
This was also confirmed by Councilor Rosario Varì himself who recognised TOD System as one of the most attractive startups at the fair, thanks to «the automated robot todrobot TR1, which was also the subject of interest on the part of Esselunga."

We were also at SMAU Milan protagonists of a series of Pitch, through which we told about our revolutionary todrobot TR1 to potential customers, investors and national and international partners, managing to obtain excellent feedback and numerous contact requests.
Opportunities repeated also thanks to Startup Safari, organized by SMAU to bring visitors to know the exhibitors present at the fair.

We were also extremely pleased with the presence of Salvatore Modaffari and his Company construction sites, among the strategic partners of TOD System, who joined us at SMAU Milano 2022 at our personal invitation.

Gitex Global by North Star Dubai – Noitech at the largest technology event in the world.

Last stop, but certainly not in order of importance, was the four days in Dubai for the Gitex Global 2022.

Here, where we were present with a stand dedicated to Noitech, we presented to the Arab world, and to the myriad of people who came from all over the world, our services and our patents, including the 3D viewer of which todrobot TR1 is equipped.

An event, the one in the Emirates, which represents worldwide the most important event in the sector and brings together the main players in the ICT sector in Dubai, with particular reference to the new sectors of IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Smart cities, Cloud computing, virtual reality and Cyber security throughout the MENA area ( Middle East North Africa), GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), Europe and Africa.
A prestigious opportunity for which we must thank once again Italian Trade Agency (ITA), - which is headed by the ICE Agency - selector of 25 innovative Italian startups and SMEs to occupy the 230 m2 space dedicated to the Italian pavilion.

The added value that we brought to Gitex Global is certainly that ofartificial intelligence applied to warehouse logistics, but the UAE fair is also the place where all the world's technology operators converge.

The international showcase has in fact given us the opportunity to develop contacts business to business with companies and customers from the Arab and international world.

In Dubai we were also protagonists on the prestigious international stage of Oman Technology Fund Pitch Battle, where we presented Noitech And todrobot TR1 to investors from all over the world.

There were many interactions in this fantastic experience, a sounding board that projected us onto global markets.

In fact, he also talked about us Gulf Business, an important Emirati sector magazine focused on economic news from the Middle East, which in one of its articles put the spotlight on the Italian startups present at the fair, including obviously Noitech.

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