How to create an effective Landing Page: the definitive guide

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How to create an effective Landing Page: the definitive guide

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Many think that having a website is enough and there is no need for it create a Landing Page.

Instead, you will see that having one will allow you to attract customers, make them perform certain actions and collect the most interesting data.

How to create a Landing Page

In reality we are talking about a very interesting online marketing tool with multiple potentials.

A Landing Page created accurately allows you to collect data from your potential customers interested in the product or service you are offering; it therefore represents a valid online touch point tool.

What is a Landing Page

The name Landing Page literally means "landing page", in some respects it may resemble a site but its structure, size and above all its purpose are different.

Some companies sometimes decide to create only the Landing and give up the website; this happens especially in the case of services offered for a limited time such as courses, launch of new products or for the purpose of acquiring new leads.

The aim is to convert visitors coming from links, social networks, or external searches, into contacts or customers. Through the acquired leads you will be able to plan your email marketing plan, allow visitors to register for webinars, get special discounts and discover new products.

Fundamental parts of a Landing Page

A Effective landing page it must have certain construction and functional characteristics, there is no standard for its creation, but in general there are considerations to be made in order to make it truly useful and effective.

It is important to study the setting carefully page layout, which must be consistent in the choice of colours, graphic style and tone of voice used.

Effective title

The title or pay off, it is the first thing the user notices when arriving on Landing Page, so it must be clear and make it immediately clear what you are talking about. It must be eye-catching and push the visitor to proceed and scroll down the page to find out more about the topic.

It must not leave any doubts or perplexities: in this initial phase clarity is fundamental without dwelling on titles that are too long and complex.

Also the subtitle must allow you to immediately understand the content of the Landing Page announcing it with a simple and short sentence; Too long texts will lead the user to get bored and distracted more easily, try instead to get them straight to the point.

Consistent image

As in all self-respecting pages the images on the Landig Page have a fundamental importance, as they convey concepts and sensations at first glance.
In fact, the brain processes an image much more quickly than text.

The search for images must be done scrupulously because their purpose within the Landing Page is to convey positive feelings, create inclusion and as with the title, clarify the intent and topic of the content.

It may seem banal but great attention must be paid to the quality of the images chosen, therefore to the format and resolution, to make your work always attentive and with a refined and professional appearance.

Registration form

The part that most interests and for which the Landing Page has reason to exist. Let's talk about the registration form through which you can, in a concrete sense, generate leads and obtain the sensitive data of the users who interest you most.

Among these we find first of all the e-mail, name and possibly surname and telephone number, to which other useful data can be added such as address, nationality, date of birth and gender.

All this data will help you start building your email marketing lists and promoting your business.

The form must be inserted in a clearly visible and immediately identifiable way.
The visitor should not waste time looking for it, because it is there, clearly visible before his eyes.

In Landing Page particularly long we find the form repeated in several parts to avoid the risk of the user forgetting to register and leave his data.

Call to Action (CTA)

Put great structure and content into yours Landing Page it would be totally useless and would represent a dead end without a CTA, either Call to Action.

It is a tool that encourages the potential customer to actively take an action.
It is commonly represented by fairly large and visible buttons, with bright colors that contrast with the background so as to make them stand out as much as possible, accompanied by texts such as: "find out more", "send", "download", "find out now ”.

It would be useful to include more than one on your page Call to Action button, whether it leads to the same result or for different purposes: for example you may want to get users to sign up for the newsletter via the "subscribe" button, but also allow them to immediately reach your e-commerce page by clicking the "buy now" button.


The reviews they are important because they create credibility towards the user and provide feedback from others who have already tried the product or service.

Nowadays we find reviews on all sites and pages of any type; in fact, in the collective imagination when a product does not provide feedback, it is most likely not reliable.

Make them credible reviews via photos, names, age, profession and a few lines reporting the experience had with your product and what benefits have been found using it, also don't forget to include the classic stars that express the rating.

Responsive Web Page

A good idea is to make your page compatible with other media other than the PC. Most users today browse via mobile phone and it is good that the Landing Page created to be navigable and optimized for these devices too.

Thank you page

The last phase, but certainly not least, is to create a thank you page or pop upor for users who have decided to register with yours Landing Page.

This page not only has the purpose of thanking and confirming the operation performed by the user, but can also represent for you the opportunity to insert other Call to Actions to be carried out, such as visiting the website to purchase products.

SEO oriented landing

Like any self-respecting online marketing element, yours too Landing Page it must be optimized in SEO terms.

Taking care of this aspect will allow your page to rank in a good position within search engines and be easily found.

  • Use a unique URL which will allow your page to be found easily and appear to be of good quality in the eyes of the search engine;
  • Enter a Tag Title that contains the keywords main, also remember that it must be distinguished from the page header;
  • L'Header tags it is the first container in order of appearance of your page, represents the header and includes the name of your business;
  • Remember to enter a Meta description accurate and which explains in a few lines what you do and what users will find when they arrive on your page;
  • Rename image files so they can be optimized with the keywords most important ones that lead back to your page. Many neglect this part because it is long and boring, especially if it involves renaming many images, but doing so allows you to have a better result in terms of indexing;
  • Finally, take care of the Backlinking after completing your page, so that it can be linked to external links back to yours Landing Page, from partner sites or blogs that talk about your business and advertising campaigns. This will allow the page to gain more importance for search engines.

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