A company's problems, where they come from and how to approach the solution

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A company's problems, where they come from and how to approach the solution

The entrepreneur's job is not easy. Setbacks are always around the corner and you need a method to react promptly. Follow our advice
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A company is founded on achieving objectives, using a budget, respecting product specifications, with quality standards and in order to generate a profit. 

Each of the items mentioned brings with it problems to face and resolve.

The problem is something that differs from what we had planned, from what was expected and desirable. The first indicator of a problem is a bad outcome. It goes without saying that once the bad result is reached, it is already too late. 

Analysis and understanding

The only thing possible in the time of "it's too late" is to understand who or what caused the irreparable problem, making the onset of the same problem preventable in the future.

The fulcrum of solving a problem lies precisely in the word "understand" just used.

We are in the "human" field when we talk about errors or a chain of errors; here we have a human (the company owner) who must understand the "why" and the "how" of the wrong behavior of another human(s) (the employees).

Even the human, company owner, will in turn be potentially fallible in his task.

How to arrive at the definition of the chain of errors that led to "it's too late now"?

For each process that makes up the chain of actions that leads to a hoped/expected result, there is management, control, measurement and re-analysis software, as well as data storage! 

The tools of the solution

What else are we talking about if not the satisfaction, through software, of the individual points we wrote about at the beginning, in the first paragraph, of this article? 

Putting everything in its place to compose a chain of organised, measurable, sustainable, punctual and quality actions that add up to a result that has the same characteristics.

It takes method

Do we prefer to go blind in identifying the critical issues that lead to disaster or do we rely on data analysis? How do we collect the data? How do we analyze them? 

Relying on simple human feedback from supervisors, employees, managers, etc. only takes us back to the problem itself and not the solution!

The only tool that can give us an objective overview is inductive analysis: starting from small specific problems to arrive at a general and, above all, replicable solution.

Different software for different actions/problems to deal with; what coordinates, creates dialogue and completes the missing clusters is precisely the "System Integration".

System Integration

Integration as the active use of software and hardware tools to analyze and solve the company's needs, transforming a problem into an opportunity for improvement, efficiency and repeatability of the model; all of this also contributes to creating what is known as the know-how of a company and which gives it value!

Integration – Efficiency – Value

Systems integration is the efficiency of a company, efficiency generates reputation, reputation attracts customers, satisfied customers are the best business card of a company!

Whether in the short or long term, System Integration represents an investment with immediate economic return, as well as obviously bringing all the resources who benefit from it to a level of general working well-being!

Reflect on Process

We have deliberately only mentioned the solution. We want you to reflect on the "process" that makes it indispensable, before even delving into the definition and explanation of "how" a System Integrator or, in our case, an entire company that operates in System Integration, comes to your aid to address and resolve critical issues.

Reflection is part of that inductive process that will highlight individual problems and lead to the general solution through System Integration. 

You have already started solving your problems

Reflecting on what was said above already places you at the beginning of an efficiency improvement process based on System Integration! You have already started to solve the problem just by reading this article! Next week we'll talk to you about "what" an integrated system is.

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